It was one of those impromptu talks that I attended at IIM Bangalore by Mr Ramji Raghavan. I was so impressed by what his International Foundation Agastya was doing, that I had to see it with my own eyes to believe.

A day later I landed at kupam armed with my camera. At Agastya International Foundation they believe in instigating curiosity through creativity. Spread over 170 acres they have dedicated centers for math, physics, chemistry, ecology, astronomy, art and many more.
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Government school kids from all over the country come here and spend time learning through visual aids. Imagine learning about Pythagoras theorem using visual aid. They have extended the concept of Montessori system of teaching all the way to 10 std. Kids learning these concepts go back to their villages and teach the same concepts to other kids in their school.
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This a small glimpse into beautiful campus of Agastya International Foundation

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Looking forward to go back and spend more time with the kids and looking at their activities