Theirs is a love story that can match or beat any Hollywood / Bollywood story. Their were buddies who enjoyed traveling , food & Photography. Saabrin Jafar being a good buddy was helping Anurag Chaturvedi to find the perfect gal. Well it took some time for him to realise she was right next to him.

He proposed to her in the most romantic way one can imaging by decorating her room with 400 flowers (of course the credit has to be given to Saabrin family for helping him out here) and asking her to marry him.
Wishing you guys a wonderful, fulfilled adventures life ahead.19917_509333189137692_1361275612_n 999710_509333292471015_1055107253_n 1150201_516685898402421_616100764_n 1231674_516685711735773_272206758_n