Giving life to memories is the mantra at Photomojo – a leading photo and videography production house. There is more to it than just capturing a moment; capturing the emotion of a moment is what truly makes the difference. Our photo and video productions, conceptualized, designed and executed entirely by our team have honed our skills in the art of visual storytelling. 


Just as it is with all good things, they tend to get over much faster than you would want them to. And more so with weddings than anything else. With weeks and months of anticipation and preparation, and before you know it, you are married. With a little bit of help from us, and a bit of the Photomojo magic, you can relive those memories any time you want.

the story is what makes a picture go wow


We know how important your styles are for all you fashion designers and stylists out there. And we also know the importance of capturing your styles through the lens of a camera just as you would visualize it in your minds. With a bit of the Photomojo magic, you can do just that.

bring back good old times, but first capture them


You know how it’s said that the face of a company is its leaders? If that is true, don’t you think the photographs of your leadership should be as amazing as your company is? Give us a call and let us show you what a bit of the Photomojo magic can do. And hey, we could also shoot equally good profile pictures of all your employees for their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. We care about your brand.

a great picture appeals to all our six senses


Jokes apart, when you are busy organizing an astounding performance or a show, focus on the million other things that need your attention. We’ve got the pictures. The Photomojo magic will ensure that every detail of your event will be captured. Once you upload the images on Facebook, sit back and watch the flurry of likes, comments and shares.

there is neither past-tense nor a future tense for a beautiful memory. its a great present


Truth be told, the most challenging and equally rewarding thing for us is capturing the photographs of children. I am sure you will agree that they have the capacity to give you a hundred expressions a minute. Don’t you want to capture and save each and every one of them for a million years to come? Come on…Let the Photomojo Magic do its trick.

all said and done, we all still love pictures. don’t we?


When you build world-class facilities, why hide them? Show off a bit! Call us and let the Photomojo Magic do what it does best. Before you know it, you’ll be waiting for an excuse to show the photographs of your office to your clients and other stakeholders. And hey, just imagine how many people will want to join you after taking a look at the pictures?